Other competition

Some demonstrative awards I have won in other competitions. 

We use the flexible curvature sensor to obtain gesture information, and then control the manipulator to reproduce human gestures

We design an algorithm to complete the automatic control of the "jump-to-jump" applet in the WeChat applet.

First, we recognize the chess pieces through template matching + KNN, and recognize the platform position wuth some geometric features.

Then we convert the distance between the position of the chess piece and the square table into linear control information, and use the Android screen control interface to control the game.

We have designed an automatic writing robot, which controls the stepper motor to move the pen to a specified position, and controls the Steering gear to complete the robot's pen-up motion. Through this program, the text and picture information input to the robot can be reproduced with ordinary writing pens.

We use the Zigbee IOT system to complete the decoding of the input voice and monitor the home system, motors, relays, etc.

Panlong Gu
Panlong Gu
Postgraduate Student of Control Engineering

My research interests include mobile robotics, Visual SLAM, 3D Target Detection and Tracking, Fusion of SLAM and target detection